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Build an Ocarina Wind Instrument - Session 2 of 2


Design & create your own musical instrument! 

Thursday, December 1 6pm - 8pm
In the first session of this 2-session workshop, students will design & build their very own wind instrument. Starting with a lump of clay, each participant designs their own instrument, and with the help of the instructors, shapes it into an ocarina. The instruments are then fired into stoneware using a kiln. 

Thursday, December 15 6pm - 8pm
In the 2nd session, the students receive their finished instruments and learn to play them. As a group, they will learn 3 or 4 songs, but many more songs can be played on these instruments. They can be decorated, using non-toxic paints or markers. The instruments are very sturdy and also washable.

COST: $20
AGES: 4 and Up

Led by local musicians Tom & Laurie Reese, this workshop is a combination of music, art, sculpture, design and cross-cultural history -- something for everyone! Since 1985, children & adults alike have been delighted with the instruments they design & build from clay, and then can play. Field tested with children & special children of all ages, this project works well in a variety of settings, including schools, summer programs, home schools, special needs classes, art museums, retirement centers and libraries. Most recently, students at the Goddard School in Middletown made ocarinas! 

The Ocarina Building program has received “excellent” ratings by teachers, early childhood educators, and school administrators. Parents & teachers are welcome to be a part of the creative process, & can participate by building an instrument.

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