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Stitch-A-Month KNITTING CLASS with Jessica Hoffer

We are SUPER excited about this yearlong class taught by local fiber artist Jessica Hoffer!

In January, Jessica will start with an introduction to the basics of knitting... with new stitches added with each new monthly session.

***If you're starting late with us, Jessica will give a crash course in the basic knit stitch each month in addition to the new monthly stitch.

This class will be held the 3rd THURSDAY of EACH MONTH

Here is the full schedule:

MARCH: Knit and purl in the same row to create seed stitch. How to tell a knit versus purl stitch on your needles. Seed stitch and rib stitch
APRIL: Knit and purl together. Waffle Stitch. Basketweave
MAY: Problem solve previous stitches
JUNE: Reading patterns/abbreviations. Practicing ways to increase ( knit into front and back, make 1 from the center, yarn over) and decrease (slip slip knit, knit or purl two together, slip 1 knit 1 and pass slipped stitch over). Making triangles/diamonds to practice. 
JULY: practice yarn over and knit together. Feather and fan stitch pattern
AUGUST: Practice front to back knit/knitting multiple stitches from one and purl together. Trinity stitch pattern. 
SEPTEMBER: Practice slip slip knit and pass slipped stitch over. Clover leaf eyelet pattern
OCTOBER: Double increase/decrease with previous stitches. Chevron Stitch
NOVEMBER: Problem Solving previous stitches (Thanksgiving Day... rescheduled date to be determined)
DECEMBER: Problem solving previous stitch patterns and/or introduction to cables.

SUPPLIES REQUIRED: at least 100 yards of worsted weight yarn in a light or neutral color, knitting needles size 7-9 (either straight or circular), pencil and paper if desired. Cable needle needed eventually. Copies of stitch patterns will be provided as the class goes on.

COST: $15 per session walk-in...OR
Pre-pay for 6 sessions for $65 ($11 per session)...OR
Pre-pay for all 12 sessions for $95 (less than $8 per session!) To register, please visit: