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Seven Candles Lecture & Workshop


Join us for a mind expanding evening at Re:Create!

JD Stillwater is a science educator, writer, and musician. Seven Candles springs from his love of science and his tendency to care more about implications than conventions. What he brings to the global conversation is a gift for making difficult science concepts graspable for non-scientists, but then to take us further into the deeper mysteries that those concepts engender.

Seven Candles: Science for a Deeper Spirituality is a non-profit mission:
• to share spiritual revelations from mainstream science,
• to promote science as an interfaith source of spiritual inspiration,
• to offer that Mystery is integral to both reality and spirituality.

This is a longer Seven Candles event, which includes JD's signature lecture followed by workshop activities based on the talk. Take to heart the full scope and implication of what science reveals about Nature. Bring the big-picture wonder and connection of the universe to bear upon your daily struggles to be your best self. How can an appreciation for the history of Everything help us understand and transcend shame, death, and politics? Go deep with us! And, if you wish, bring a dish to pass for dinner.

Intrigued? You should be! 
More info:

Snacks and Beverages Provided.. Feel free to add to the buffet!

AGES: This is a Lecture & Workshop with pretty adult language and concepts.....please use your best judgement!